Post-Construction Cleaning

Our construction cleaning team has completed a number of large projects in Calgary. Post-construction commercial cleaning is actually what we built our company on. Fast service, exceptional quality of work and reliability are the traits our clients know us by.

Post construction clean-up services require the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. Our cleaning services can also include green seal certified or environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Please call us today or complete our the quote request form below to get a free estimate of your construction cleaning project.

These are the examples of post-construction cleaning services we offer.

Scrub the shower, the tub, the sink, in and around the toilet, the tiles and the floor, especially in the corners
Dust window sill, top of medicine cabinet, light fixtures and vents
Clean shower door glass and tracks
Clean all mirrors
Clean shower head
Clean faucets with stainless steel polish
Clean inside the medicine cabinet, the vanity and under the sink
Thorough detailed dusting of all walls
Sanitize soap dish and toothbrush holder
Remove all cobwebs

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